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CNC Cutting Delrin – POM and Acrylic Sheets

So I purchased some Acetal (POM) sheet and also some Acrylic plastic material online. To check them out on my laser cutter as well as initial I need to find out the best settings for them. So let’s go into the LaserCad. I’m most likely going to make 5 boxes. As well as each box will have different settings. So I will understand what’s the most effective for the Acetal sheet product. Currently allows select draw rectangle. And afterwards change it to 20mm. And afterwards let’s most likely to device. Range duplicate, allows make 5 of them. Offset 2. So currently we have 5 of them. Now let’s select the first one. Allows most likely to layer option. Let’s select cut. Maximum power allows attempt 80%. As well as minimal power 70%. For rate, let’s start from 100%. All is well, so click OK.

CNC machining cutting Acetal Plates

Now allows pick the second box and transform the color to blue. To make sure that I know which one is which one, so I understand the setup. This allows select cut and likewise maximum power 80%, minimal power 70%. Essentially currently we’re simply transforming the rate. From my last experience I assume the speed has a result on completion result. So I suggest to change it to 80. And then the following one.

Very same optimum power and also minimal power. I am just transforming the rate. Subtracted it by 20. And also select the next one. Ok, now let’s check the setups. Looks penalty. Let’s download the paper.

Oh, wait. I have to activate the laser cutter first. So always terminate that. It is smoky. I don’t understand if you can see the last one puncture. The rate is 20%. This looks fine. I would possibly mess about with the setups later. I must alter the minimal power.

Acetal copolymer plastic sheet cut with CNC router

Reduced it a bit. Due to the fact that now the overview of package looks a little darkish. Currently let’s attempt inscription. Let’s make use of the same boxes. This will allow you to change the layer choice to inscribe. So allow return to our LaserCad program. And change it to inscribe. Power 40, stress 50. Let’s transform the speed to 300. And also the second one is heaven one. And additionally transform it to engrave. Now, the Allows alter the power to 35% however the rate continue to be the exact same. So that we know if this is effective enough. It is a little bit smokey now. That’s why I close the equipment to let the follower strike it out a little bit.

So it turns out fantastic. The etching looks great. It’s better than the reducing job. So I’m most likely going to write down the setups. And also I’m likely to try these setups on other material also. So following step I’m most likely to try the POM material. I got this online. Individuals say POM (which is the generic term for Acetal) is stronger than acrylic – which I believe because the Acrylic is super hard and cracked when I hit the edge. So it is going to need more power I believe. Yet I am most likely to use the setting I made use of prior to initially.

But this time I am going to keep the machine close. Because even more power it indicates more fume. Some individuals could want to make use of PVC. You can’t use PVC in the laser cutter. Because in the process it releases a harmful fume. It’s going threaten. So do not do that. Today we are simply going to check out the POM and see if it functions. My eyes. It is not the odor, it is the fume that makes my eyes watery. So it turns out such as this. And also it didn’t copulate with POM. However the fume that it launches makes me really feel type of horrible. Also the fume smells bad, I obtained my timer right here. So I am generally likely to set it to 5 mins. Prior to I open up the laser cutter. I believe what the hell, I am going to see if it can cut through I am going to change the speed in my desktop CNC machine with LaserCad. Well, well, well. It cuts through this moment.

Desktop CNC milling machine carves Acetal sheet

But I really did not show up the power. I simply alter the rate setting. I decreased the setting from 20 to 4. So this is 20, 10. 8, 6 and also 4. They all experienced. And also they look excellent, I am glad they underwent this time around. But the smell I simply can not stand it. I assume as long as I maintain the cover shut, it will be fine. I’ll figure something to cut. I think possibly some jewelries. With acrylic or perhaps the Dupont Delrin or POM-H as that would behave. I believe it is most likely to be smelly and also unpleasant However I’m going to do anyhow. I would like to know if it can engrave on the surface. I did cutting in the past, it really did not undergo. But the layer choice is for reducing. Currently we are switching it to engrave and see if it can do it. I don’t assume it can. But I am curious. So let’s transform the work setting in LaserCad from cut to inscribe. As well as I’m not going to transform the power this moment. I’m most likely to change the speed instead.

I would certainly begin with 100. Despite from the smell, I think I did it. It successfully etch on the very first layer. What the heck, something comes off as well as stick on my fingers. Resembles paint White paint comes off on my finger. Ok, now I recognize these two product works fine. I just require to think about a task that I might utilize the laser cutter for. As well as please subscribe. The more followers I have, the much easier I can obtain more review devices. And also bear in mind, if I can do it, any person can do it!

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